«Shvilishvili» installation presented at the Moscow Photobiennale, Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Curator Anna Zaitseva.

«Waiting» photobook is finally published! You can find more info here, and also all people who took part in the crowdfunding will get their books, postcards and other great things very very soon! Thank you for your support once again!!

Official Russian presentation is on 31 of October at «Fotodepartament» Foundation, Vosstaniya, 24, Saint-Petersburg. 17.30
Official presentation in Europe — 14 of November, Le Monte en l’Air bookshop, Paris, as a part of Punto de Fuga experimental book festival http://puntodefugaparis.com, Paris Photo week.

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«Waiting» is currently in print and we’re expecting our super-cover material to arrive to Russia from Holland in a few days, this means the book will be out very-very soon!

Meanwhile «The Alphabet of Shared Words» book was shortlisted for Arles Authors Book Award 2015 and is now available for order (see the link here).


After several months of preparing and discussing we finally started the crowdfunding campaign to print the «Waiting» photobook. Since the moment I stopped photographing it for the first time in 2012 it always gets back to me from the links that you send telling that it was posted somewhere, from lots of emails saying «I really like your work» or «I want a book» or even from crashes of my website because the link to the «Waiting» was posted somewhere in Thailand and I had 18000 visitors in one hour.
This campaign is an opportunity to pre-order the book and make it possible to publish it
Please support it and spread the word!!

После нескольких месяцев приготовлений, раздумий и обсуждений наконец-то я рада сообщить, что краудфандинг в поддержку публикации «Ожидания» запущен! С самого момента, когдая я первый раз перестала снимать этот проект в 2012 году он постоянно возвращается ко мне какими-то невероятными путями — и в виде постоянных ссылок на то, что кто-то его где-то опубликовал, да еще и прикрутил надпись поверх картинок, и в виде очень трогательных писем «мне нравится ваша работа» или «а где можно взять книгу?» или даже в виде падений моего сайта, когда фотографии были опубликованы где-то в Тайланде и в час ко мне зашли 18000 человек. В общем момент настал )
Я запускаю две кампании одновременно — одну международную на indiegogo — и одну российскую на Планете.ру.

Пожалуйста, помогите распространить инфомрмацию об этих кампаниях везде, где только можно, если вам нравится этот проект! Репосты, шеры, лайки, письма друзьям ну и по обстоятельствам
Я надеюсь, все получится — с вашей поддержкой!

Alphabet of Shared Words

New project «The Alphabet of Shared Words» was first published by «Russian Reporter» magazine, then by the Independent , today it’s on BuzzFeed and soon will be in some other media.


«Shvilishvili» book was included into the art history library of the Berkeley University of California (in January) and recently — into the collection of Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
On Sunday I’m making a talk on how did we finally come to the photobook making in Russia during the last couple of years, how we are connected and how we are disconnected from the world photobook scene, and is there anything like «our own special way». If you are in Riga — don’t miss this weekend’s events https://www.facebook.com/events/300491056769437/?fref=ts

The first multimedia installation for several projectors of the Shvilishvili project is on the show in Braga, Portugal, as a part of the festival Encontros da Imagem.
Music, sound design and multimedia Production — Jose Bautista / KanseiSounds (great work and a lot of support, thank you, Jose!)