A Dinner for Tired and Busy People is a dinner game organized by artists Jana Romanova and Anastasia Loginova on November 17th, 2022 at PIP nightclub for PIP Expo in The Hague.

During this evening, several important questions circulating around why we are so busy and tired were posed in an effort to finally resolve them.

As tired & busy people, participants were able to choose a question they can deeply relate to and share their experience with others who feel the same. By the end of the evening, the answer to their question was served to them in the form of a dish someone cooked for them, while they were cooking an answer to someone else’s question.

This event was a dinner experience for 30 people organized as a part of the program of PIP Expo curated by Laura Snijders & Alex Webber with the generous support of PIP & Stroom Den Haag

Documentation images by Helena Roig