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Upcoming exhibitions

1-4 February — “Water Portraits” is part of the Prospects exhibition by Mondriaan Fonds during Art Rotterdam 


8 — 17 of September 2023 — “Water Portraits” solo exhibition at See Lab Den Haag, followed by a role play created in collaboration with Sophie Allerding

Opening 8th of September 2023 from 18.00 onwards.
The exhibition opened Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 to 18.00, weekdays upon request via

“Shimmering Land”

a short role play inspired by an exhibition of Natalia Grezina and Anton Yermolov in the Chrysalid Gallery in Rotterdam. In this play, participants will play 7 objects from the collection of Scythian gold being transported inside a crate in a vehicle. They don’t know their destination, yet as rare objects which belonged to Scythian kings and noble people, they have some ancient powers to influence their journey.

25 and 26 of August. More info and reservations are here. 

“The Last Submarine” we’re designing together with Sophie Allerding.

It is a climate fiction role-play about water scarcity that will take place in See Lab in The Hague. The story is taking place in a speculative future in which sea levels have risen, the land is long gone and humans are living in floating cities. You will play a submarine crew sent on a mission with the last resources to find a new source of fresh water and hopefully save the future of humanity.

10 and 16 of September More info and reservations are here.

“Games as/in art practice”

A one-day workshop on analog game design I’m facilitating at Iii space in The Hague on the 23rd of September.

Reservations will be opened soon here.


A re-run of the role play about the influence of artificial intelligence on the life of the community in a shared household in a very near speculative future. Also at Iii space in The Hague.

19th of November. Reservations will be opened soon here. (the link is for the description of the first run)

9-11 June 2023 — “Aspace isa space is a space”, exhibition together with Geertje Brandenburg at Lab 23 Den Haag

March 3 — May 3, 2023 — “I Don’t Think I’ll Stay Here Long” At Nest Den Haag, as a part of “The Grand Palace of Everyone” by No Limits Art Castle

April 15th 2023 — “DreamHouse” at iii Den Haag

November 19-25  2023— “Water Portraits” at PAN Amsterdam,  as a part of MIAP Foundation exposition

November 16th 2023 —  “Dinner for Tired and Busy People” at PIP Den Haag

September 14th — October 30 — “I Don’t Think I’ll Stay Here Long” at No Limits Art Castle

June 3rd — July 10th 2023 — “Water Portraits” at “The Ways of Water” Exhibition at Melkweg, Amsterdam

8 — 11 of July — graduation show at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, with a project “Chin Up Chin Down” and a thesis “Images I Can’t Show”

May 15th — the launch of a collective project Parts Unknown Part of my new work “Building a Monument” is a part of it.

2 of September 2019 — started MA “Photography and Society” at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands

1 Aug — 28 Sept 2019 — “Waiting” project is taking part in the FLOW Photofest in Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Inverness, Highland (UK)

7 of March 2019 — 15 of June 2019 —  solo show “(Beside) Yourself” in the Metenkov House of Photography in Yekaterinburg. Four projects on the show including new work. Curated by Anastasia Bogomolova.

From 15 to 17 of February 2019 I’m holding a workshop on creating ideas in photography in Samara

In April and May 2019 I’m taking part in NEXT TO YOU workshop on Nordic-Russian relations as one of the tutors together with Mads Greve. Organised by Nordic Journalist Center, applications 21−28 of January 2019.

January 2019 — working on two new projects in a residency Cassis AIR, France

December 2018 — Workshop at School of Visual Arts, Moscow, Workshop at Fotografika school in Saint-Petersburg

September — October 2018 — working in a residency “Two Spits” organized by Union of photography artists of Kaliningrad.

August — September 2018 — “Expert Photobook Review” project in collaboration with Unseen Festival in Amsterdam.

June 2018 — artist talk and book signing at IRASUN photobook shop, Seoul, South Korea

June 2018 — “Waiting” exhibited at DongGang Photography Festival in Yeongwol, South Korea

April 2018 — “Exotarium” published by NEON magazine, Germany, with a text by Nik Afanasiev

February 2018 — “Exotarium” published by Internazionale Magazine, Italy

February 2018 — Started to curate a long-term educational program in photography for teenagers at Mayak school for creative industries, Saint-Petersburg

October 2017 — “Exotarium” published in National Geographic with a text by Alexandra Genova

September 2017 — As part of the BZMST artist group took part in a parallel program of Ural Industrial Biennale with a project “Consulting Group BZMST”

1−11 of June 2017 — “The Goddess Guide” and “W” projects will be exhibited at the Copenhagen Photo Festival, Denmark

March — August 2017 — “Shvilishvili” is taking part at Fenomen Fotollibre exhibition, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain