“Where the Ink Starts” is a live-action role play (LARP) about artists’ relationships with their creativity in the situation of time and daily life pressure created by artists Jana Romanova and Johannes Equizi.

The game begins with a group of writers squatting in their studio space and having to finish their script before a deadline set by Spark Press, a famous publishing house. To be published by Spark Press is the right chance for the writers to gain income and move out of the studio.

The twist of this game lies in the fact that every writer is played by two people. A participant may become either a writer or a writer’s creativity. Both of them will need to find a way to work with each other to finish a written piece on time.

By looking at creativity as a separate entity with its own will and mysteries, this game invites participants to reflect on how to deal with their own creativity and with fellow artists who are in a similar situation of daily life crisis. In many ways, this game is about finding peace with your own mind in the situation of pressure that every creative person goes through on a daily basis. 

*Live-Action Role-Playing game (or LARP) is a social game during which you portray a fictional character with your actions and build relationships with other characters. LARPs exist to co-create interesting narratives together and live through experiences we would not have in our daily life.

In LARP a character can win, but a player can’t win, as the purpose of the game is in living through the experience rather than achieving a goal. An example can be playing a LARP where you portray a rock star. Your character can achieve a number one selling album but they can also lose everything. It might be good or bad for a character, but for the player both are part of an experience that might be interesting to play with.