“DreamHouse” is a 6 hours long role playing project in which participants are invited to take roles of housemates living together in a speculative future, where AI assistant is trying to help them to build a better community.The role play is designed for 14 participants and includes a character-building workshop, a play and a debrief.

The play is created around several cycles of Dreams and Days, during which the scene has different lighting. Depending on the way participants play with the narrative, there are three possible endings. Each of the endings and the play itself work as a source of inspiration for talking about how we create spaces by living together, what are the possible ways of solving conflicts, and if technology can help us maintain our relationships. The game and play mechanics of this project are designed using Chat GPT, Lego pieces, and a lot of bedside lamps.

The first run of the DreamHouse happened on the 15th of April 2023 at iii in The Hague.

Images by Jana Romanova and Myra-ida van der Veen