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When you say it in Russian language there is not much difference between two words: “spasatel’”(“rescue officer” or “firefighter”)” and “spasitel’”(“savior”, “redeemer”, “Jesus Christ”), but the connotations are almost opposite. Rescue officers come when something bad already happened, often they just carry dead bodies and basically they don’t prevent tragedy, but deal only with it’s consequences.
The original document is called “The Book of a rescue officer”, and all rescue officers in Russian Federation get one after their first certification. Every owner of this book has to fill it by hand, writing down all the accidents he was involved in as a rescue officer throughout his career. It becomes a sort of a lifetime experience record of seeing people suffering and dying amost every day. Jana Romanova spent two and a half years in a rescue division in Russia, working on a project, exploring what happens with your attitude to death when you meet it every day.