In Water Portraits I ask people to reuse one liter of freshwater one after another until nothing is left.
After every usage, the water becomes dirtier making the challenge more difficult.

In between the usages, I freeze the water and take its portrait. Each portrait gets the name of the person who used it. When one chain is over, I start another one — to collect as many recipes of reusing water as possible.
So far 3 chains were completed with topics of cleaning, cooking, and playing. 10 chains are planned to reach 101 water portraits.

This project started in the Netherlands, a place that seems to have rich water resources. Yet, even here water scarcity is possible. And «when» depends on what we do today. 

An attempt to take a portrait of our actions rather than our looks lies behind the concept of Water Portraits.

This project is created with the support of the MIAP foundation and Stroom Den Haag.